Let’s Work Together

As your practitioner, I will work with you to: 

    • Understand you as a whole person
    • Educate you about why your health challenges arose and how to take control of your own health
    • Find the root cause of your symptoms
    • Hold space and listen to you with heart and compassion
    • Offer helpful resources and personalized action steps between sessions to reinforce important concepts
    • Create an individualized plan that combines nutrition guidance and self-care practices (such as yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation) to aid your journey toward ultimate health
    • Inform you about helpful supplements you can include in your lifestyle changes to meet your goals

Some of the new recommendations you implement may have immediate positive effects on your life.
By working on the many layers of your health over time, we are able to restore resilience so you have long-term effects that help you to sustain your new, healthy lifestyle.

Step 1

20-Minute Complimentary Discovery Session

Starting a conversation with me is always complimentary. It’s incredibly important to me to establish a compassionate and healing connection between us in order to achieve your optimal health potential through your healing journey.  I would love to answer any questions you may have and learn about you.

Schedule your 20-minute “Discovery Session” when you are ready to share your story with me and learn about the Functional Nutrition Program to decide if it’s right for you. 

Step 2

Book a Health History Analysis

In order to fully understand your unique health journey, I’ll gather information and do the detective work to uncover your unique root causes. This creates a therapeutic partnership and an opportunity to help bridge the gap where needed, as you begin your healing journey. 

We’ll begin by:

  • Going over your in-depth health history and your questionnaire
  • Reviewing your current and past symptoms as well as your nutrition and lifestyle habits
  • Hearing your story to see the big picture and make connections
  • Gathering  information from any labs you may have from your clinician

This session is up to 90 minutes long in order to get you on the road to optimal health!