Kind Words

Regina asked me key questions about my health history that uncovered certain behaviors I really needed to change.  She is a highly-skilled practitioner, very compassionate and motivating!  Her personalized one-on-one approach helped me set attainable goals, held me accountable when my actions weren’t aligning with those goals, and provided me with tons of tools and resources to keep me on track.

I highly recommend Regina’s Functional Healing programs to anyone who is ready to change and take ownership of their own health and happiness!  With Regina by your side, it is a journey towards wellness that you will not regret.


Monroe, NY
Coach Reg’s approach to health and well-being is extremely unique and her ability to provide healthy nutrition coaching in a non-judgemental way.  I was very comfortable with her style and direction.  Trusting in the process and consistency is the key to success.


Goshen, NY

I want to thank you so much for sharing your gift and wealth of knowledge with me. Much appreciated!


Warwick, NY

Dealing with many health issues over the past umpteen years has been frustrating beyond belief. Going to doctors and hearing them say that “you are fine” and that your symptoms “are all in your head” had left me with negativity towards the medical community. I mean, no one knows your body as well as you do, right? So why is it the medical community ignores what you know to be fact?

After being in the hospital very sick with COVID, I had many new medical symptoms to contend with. For 2 years after being so sick, the doctors insisted I was fine and that my breathing problems were “all in my head”.

Until I passed out during one of their tests and they discovered that I had “Covid Heart” and “Covid Lung” My heart surgery left me scared to do anything. I had gained so much weight. After eating next to nothing, I still couldn’t lose anything. And with my heart and lungs, I couldn’t exercise. I had given up.

Then I began speaking with Regina. She did an in-depth questionnaire about my symptoms, and we discovered many things. The main one being that I did not eat enough food. I guess I was “scared” to eat, not losing weight, and had put myself into “starvation mode”.

She put me on a protocol to “heal my gut”, and together we have been working through trusting my gut, to know what is good for me to eat, and what is not.

Once my detox was completed, she had another regimen in store for me, one to help me heal my heart. We speak about the stresses in life, and making choices that will help me heal my whole body and soul.

The best thing about Regina is that she is there for me, every step of the way. She is non-judgmental. She listens wholeheartedly and intently, and does so much research to help me feel whole again.

To this day, I have lost 55 pounds, and am feeling much better. I have been able to begin some light exercising. The pain in my joints and body have subsided. I am on a new path to heal my whole body, and I am thankful that Regina is on my side. She is an absolute God-send.


Monroe, NY

The 90-day program with Regina Hewitt was far more beneficial than I anticipated.  She helped me come up with small goals that became habits over time, this included everything from reducing my caffeine intake to a reasonable amount, drinking water, meditating, eating better, and moving my body.  There were not any rigid programs to follow, the goals were all customized for my needs and what I could fit into my lifestyle.  Regina looks at health in a holistic manner and made me realize where I needed to focus attention to feel more balanced.

She provided amazing support and accountability.  After 3 months, I am down nearly 15 pounds, have more energy, and am feeling great.  I know that I will stick with the workouts and other habits she helped me develop during the program as they are now part of my routine.

I highly recommend Regina.


Goshen, NY

Thanks so much, Regina! I love your YOU! Will be in touch as needed.


Chester, NY

Coach Regina was the best! She has a wealth of knowledge and gave me so many great suggestions I’ve already incorporated in my life.


Goshen, NY