10-Week Metabolic & Lifestyle Reset Program

This Metabolic and Lifestyle Reset Program is a 10-week program designed to help you release weight, balance your hormones and transition you to a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you reach your desired health goals.

Most importantly, by creating these healthy lifestyle changes such as: eating nutrient dense whole foods, improving your energy, sleep habits, manage stress, and movement, as well as your mind-body connection, not only will you thrive and sustain your optimal health, but it will also become a lifestyle.

This Group Program Includes

  • Program Manual – E-PDF or Hard Copy
  • Nutrient Dense Whole Food Recipes
  • Journal and Worksheets
  • 4 one-on-one 45 minutes coaching sessions where we will focus on YOU and your needs
  • Virtual or In-Person Sessions
  • Unique counseling experience based on individual needs and goals
  • Easy online platform to schedule your sessions based on your needs
  • Access to client portal, unlimited messages, food & lifestyle tracking
  • Private Accountability Group Support on Practice Better
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