Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner

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How We Work Together

The scope of my practice is not to diagnose, prescribe or treat my clients.

My role is to:

• Understand you as a WHOLE person

• Take time to educate on WHY your health challenges arose and how to take control of your own health

• Strive to find the ROOT cause of your symptoms

•  To hold space and LISTEN to you with heart and compassion

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: 20 Minute Complimentary Strategy Session

Starting a conversation with me is always complimentary. It’s incredibly important to me to establish a compassionate and healing connection between us in order to achieve your optimal health potential through your healing journey.

Schedule your 20-minute “Strategy Session” when you are ready to share your story with me and learn about the Functional Nutrition Program to decide if it’s right for you.

Step 2: Book a Health History Analysis

I start each new client the same for the first session. In order to fully understand your unique health journey, I gather information using an in-depth health history and questionnaire, review your current and past symptoms as well as your nutrition and lifestyle habits, and organize your story on a timeline to see the big picture and make connections.
I also gather information from any labs you may have from your clinician. This is where I do the detective work to uncover your unique root causes. This also creates a therapeutic partnership and an opportunity to help bridge the gap where needed, as you begin your healing journey.
Let’s work together to find the best direction for you and your mind-body connection. This session is up to 90 minutes long in order to get you on the road to optimal health!
One-time Investment: $197.00

Step 3: Begin 1:1 Mind-Body Connection Counseling

This 1:1 counseling offers the necessary space and time you need in order to nurture results through your healing journey. We will meet bi-weekly for 45-minute follow-up sessions – whether it be virtual or in-person – for ongoing support and accountability. In these sessions, we will discuss your progress through conversation, work through any barriers, and introduce new strategies to help you move forward in your journey. You will receive resources and personalized action steps between sessions to reinforce important concepts. You will also have email check-ins between sessions to continue encouraging you to move towards optimal health.
After each session, you will feel empowered and confident that you can apply the newest strategies to your customized program.
This program is designed for those who deeply appreciate the personalized hands-on experience of working alongside their healthcare team.

Services Include: