1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching Packages

The essence of Functional Nutrition is discovering what is the best form of mind-body nourishment for YOU!  Through comprehensive 1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching, the packages are personalized to meet your unique needs and uncover what works best for YOU and your unique body.

We Work as a Team

We work as a team to identify and address the root causes of your signs and symptoms.

We work as a team to create healthy lifestyle changes to improve energy, sleep habits, manage stress, movement, and exercise as well as your mind-body connection so that you can thrive and sustain your optimal health.

We will also create a nutrition plan that is personalized to your health concerns, environment, and lifestyle.

In Person or Virtually

We will meet either virtually or in-person for 40-minute sessions ~ either bi-weekly or monthly depending on your health goals, with check-ins between sessions to continue to encourage and inspire you to continue moving forward through your healing journey.

Some of the new recommendations you implement may have immediate positive effects on your life, but by working on the many layers that there are to health, we are able to restore resilience over the long term, so you can thrive and sustain your optimal health. 

Reaching Optimal Health Is A Journey!

What You Can Expect


• Each session is 45 minutes and will focus on YOU and your needs

• Virtual or In-Person Sessions

• Unique counseling experience based on individual needs and goals

• Personalized Action Plan and Customized Meal Plan

• Easy online platform to schedule your sessions based on your need

• Access to client portal, unlimited messages, food & lifestyle tracking

NOTE: The sessions will occur within one year from the initial Health History Analysis

3 Session Package
6 Session Package
9 Session Package